Lakeside visitor

  The summer renter hardly missed a day, and today was no exception. Her long white hair blowing in the wind never bothered her. She always took the same route and made her way along the gravely trail and down onto the lake-edge strewn with rocks. Jean, on her back deck, watched the old gal … More Lakeside visitor


The man in the photo is Steely Hawkins. He and I grew up together. I called him yesterday. Today is his birthday and I wanted to bring him a present. Sort of help him celebrate his birthday. It’s good to do that, neither me or Steely have many friends left. Anyway, I grab my smartphone … More Celebration

At the beach

  Leonard stopped walking. The white-haired woman about thirty paces in front of him called back, “What’s the matter? Why are you stopping Leonard? What are you looking at?” The seventy-year-old observed the mass of humanity crowding the beach. Bright colored umbrella’s mushroomed under the scorching sun, failing to prevent major sunburns. White noise of … More At the beach

Collateral damage

  Washington stretched to a standing position. Draker, on one knee, whimpered in front of him. Bloody mucus swinging from his nose dripped on his shirtfront. A growing circular wetness crept across the crotch of his rousers and he made no move to continue fighting. The victor spit a dusty fluid in Washington’s direction, “Don’t … More Collateral damage

A Kawasaki Morning

  Nothing surpasses the feeling of the fresh air that rakes through my hair; fingertips of wind fairies caress my scalp. Biscuits and gravy, with three scrambled eggs and sausage patties, are history this late on a summer morning. I’m speeding into the wide-open arms of a blue horizon on an endless Texas road. And … More A Kawasaki Morning