Oklahoma red dirt
From urbanite to life on the side of a dirt road. I made the transition from living in Boston MA  to Oklahoma City in 1982. And I never looked back. Fifteen years ago, my wife and I purchased a small parcel of land, and home, about forty miles north ease of Oklahoma City. I shan’t bore you with all the details on life on the side of a dirt road, but I will say it does keep us o our toes. I’m writing a novel called Mack and Cheese and there’s a description in the story about what made a young man move from Boston to Oklahoma. The story is based on my geographic transition. And somewhere during this journey, I was awarded the moniker “The quiet cowboy.” S’okay, I’ve been called worse.
I’ll post additional photos showing local color during the coming holidays, keep watching.
ted atoka bbb
Cape Cod, MA. Circa 1981


I am so blatantly transparent and brutally honest, I often catch people off guard and they come back with a snappy comment. Works for me, and gives me greater insight into their character.