Oklahoma red dirt
From urbanite to life on the side of a dirt road. I made the transition from living in Boston MA  to Oklahoma City in 1982. And I never looked back. Fifteen years ago, my wife and I purchased a small parcel of land, and home, about forty miles north ease of Oklahoma City. I shan’t bore you with all the details on life on the side of a dirt road, but I will say it does keep us o our toes. I’m writing a novel called Mack and Cheese and there’s a description in the story about what made a young man move from Boston to Oklahoma. That’s based on yours truly. I’ll post a few more photos of our place on this page this fall, around October, so keep watching.

ted atoka bbb
Cape Cod, MA. Circa 1981


I am so blatantly transparent and brutally honest, I often catch people off guard and they come back with a snappy comment. Works for me, and gives me greater insight into their character.