A Kawasaki Morning

  Nothing surpasses the feeling of the fresh air that rakes through my hair; fingertips of wind fairies caress my scalp. Biscuits and gravy, with three scrambled eggs and sausage patties, are history this late on a summer morning. I’m speeding into the wide-open arms of a blue horizon on an endless Texas road. And … More A Kawasaki Morning

Drive safely

  Brandon Handershank saw the flashing blue light in his rear-view mirror, and pulled to the shoulder of the road. He kept both hands on his steering wheel and watched the highway patrolman approach; he had something in his hand. “Good afternoon sir, can you roll down your window please?” Brandon complied, and lowered his … More Drive safely

The scream

Laura sat on a front porch step and checked her messages. Toni should have returned by now. It was near mid-afternoon, and her dune buggy had no roof. She’d be sunburnt by now. An ear-splitting scream from behind their summer rental brought Laura to her feet. She ran toward the sound, checked the area behind … More The scream

Buying jeans

Hubie Johnson, age thirty-four, is an X-Ray technician and works two other jobs. He loves to wear jeans when he can and on the day of the incident, he was in a “super center” looking to update his wardrobe. He opted for three garments from an enormous display of jeans and denims in hand, made … More Buying jeans

Le quue

A lady rummaged through her purse and her pockets too, searching for $4.35 in cash to complete her grocery purchase. A young child sitting in her shopping cart was trying to whistle and didn’t comprehend the mother’s plight. A man behind her in the queue smiled and handed the cashier some bills saying, “This is … More Le quue

24 Hour Diner

Benny Winkowski wanted to pray. His shift at the electronics lab over, he headed toward the big church on the corner of 32nd and Hoover. He was happy and thankful all at once. his girlfriend had said “Yes” to his proposal of marriage. He tucked his hands into his jacket pockets, hunched his shoulders against … More 24 Hour Diner