Taking care of business

barber shop aa

One of the most important technological advances to date are little battery powered personal trimmers. Can you imagine how we’d look, well the guys anyway, without these magnificent inventions? Picture in your mind how men who lived to age 68 would look without trimming their nose hair. Not a pretty sight is my guess. And that goes for ear and eyebrow hair too. And we must also consider hair that grows around a fellow’s  trouser truffles. Don’t kid yourself. No well groomed man would live a lifetime without tending to this area of vital importance. Some consider it essential grooming. One could only guess what would happen should such hair go unattended for a lifetime.  A gentleman might step out of the shower, trod on his silky locks, stretch his you know what to his ankles, and fall flat on his nose. Ah yes indeed, let’s have a round of applause for personal trimmers. [From a work in progress.]

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