Beach walk

LEONARD WHITTIER STOPPED walking. The white-haired woman about thirty paces in front of him called back, “What’s the matter? Why are you stopping Leonard? What are you looking at?” The seventy-year-old observed the mass of humanity crowding the beach. Bright colored umbrella’s mushroomed under the scorching sun, failing to prevent major sunburns. White noise of … More Beach walk

Alone again

Some people have legitimate issues with the hand life deals them and manage to find success and happiness. This is the story of a red-haired, dark-skinned, young Jewish girl who loses her husband four hours after their wedding. And he never knew she was pregnant. It was an easy choice for Stephanie. The fetus inside … More Alone again

Black loafers

Gloria whistled in her sleep, she never snored. Richard awoke from a dream believing he heard someone calling a dog. He sat up, shook his head, and swung his naked body out of bed. Without turning on any lights he groped his way from their bedroom and moved toward the kitchen. Halfway through the family … More Black loafers

Nutley morning news

Sophia and Marie sat in the shade, on their favorite bench in Memorial Park. Both lived in Nutley, N.J. and residents were coming awake, getting ready for a long July Fourth weekend. Today marked the first day of their vacation from the publishing house. They were discussing where to meet eligible guys and didn’t notice … More Nutley morning news